We are Brian Krinbring and Mark Elder, two songwriters who wrote “Wounds That Don’t Bleed” after reading one too many news articles about PTSD victims who felt lost, alone and helpless. These were wounded warriors who were suffering so badly with seemingly nowhere to turn they chose to end their lives.

As we looked into the problem, we were appalled at how the military has historically ignored and downplayed the reality of PTSD. Recently, the military has made a significant about face on the problem but they still have a long march ahead of them toward timely and effective treatment.

We believe the United States is indeed the greatest, most powerful nation on earth. As such, the level of health care and support it gives to those who have sacrificed so much to preserve and protect our great country should be nothing short of exceptional. Sadly, it does indeed fall short.

We think this is a national tragedy that is not getting the attention it deserves. By writing this song and creating this video and website, we hope to increase public awareness of this on going tragedy. We believe, as more and more people become aware of the magnitude of this problem and the number of lives affected by it, we will reach a critical mass that will demand and get a solution!